Test Your Understanding

Practice the Sounds

ain and ake

Pedro's Week

Practice for ain and ake

Pre-reading Questions

1. What is your work or school schedule?

2. What things do you do every morning?

3. What is a painter's job?

4. What do you like to do on the weekends?

New Words
a person whose job is to change the color of something with paint
a mark or dirty spot on clothes, furniture, carpet, etc.
a body of water that is surrounded by land
a game played with two teams and a round ball and a hoop
to not do anything; to relax

Let's practice the new words.

Click in the box to type the word and complete each sentence. You should only type the word.

Do not type any puncuation, like periods.

Click on the button when you're finished to check your anwer.















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