Test Your Understanding

Practice the Sounds

ank and ock

Hank's Interview at the Bank

Practice for ank and ock

Pre-reading Questions

1. Have you ever gone to a job interview?

2. What personal information do you write on a job application form?

3. What job skills do you have?

4. Do you have any work experience?

New Words
when a person has applied for a job and is asked to meet with the manager to answer some questions
application form
a paper that people fill out with their personal information when they apply for a job
a person gains experience by having done a job before
the things a person knows how to do that could help her find a job, like speaking English and using a computer
a person who works at a bank helping customers

Let's practice the new words.

Click in the box to type the word and complete each sentence. You should only type the word.

Do not type any puncuation, like periods.

Click on the button when you're finished to check your anwer.

















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