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Hank's Interview at the Bank

Hank is getting ready for an interview at the bank.

He looks at the clock and sees that it is almost time to go.

He puts on his shoes and socks. He picks up his briefcase and leaves his house.

Hank locks his door and walks down the steps.

The bank is close to Hank’s house.

It is only 4 blocks away, so Hank walks to the interview.

The interview is at 9:00, but Hank arrives early at 8:45.

He tells the woman at the front desk his name and that he has an interview.

She asks Hank sit down.

She gives Hank a blank application form to fill out with his personal information.

At 9:00, the manager comes out to meet Hank.

They shake hands and sit down in the manager’s office.

The manager asks Hank some questions about his work experience.

Hank says that he worked as a teller at a different bank for 3 years.

He talks about his job duties and skills as a teller.

The manager listens to Hank and takes some notes on a piece of paper.

When the interview is finished, Hank thanks the manager for talking to him.

The manager tells Hank that she will call him about the job in a few days.

Hank feels good about the interview. He thinks he will get the job at the bank.

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